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Season 3, 2008
Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Theme Song : Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts

August 19th - coming soon!

August 12nd - Special interview about Buddhism
interview: Paul Jaffie, professor of Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan.

August 5th - coming soon!

July 29th - Japanese Reggae artist Kusuo
guest: Sherri Lynn Kyle, taught English in Japan for 4 years

July 22nd - Kyu Sakamoto, the only Japanese artist who topped the Billboard
culture: Yuki's hometown Akita, Japan. Famous for sake, rice, basketball and more..

July 15th - huge pop stars, Southern All Stars and Yumi Matsutoya
culture: Contry of Sake and beautiful women - Akita, north in Honshu island, Japan

July 8th- Traditional folk songs from Japan
culture: Japanese traditional folk song, Minyou and traditional instruments, Sanshin and Shamisen.

July 1st- Happy Canada Day Special!
culture: Japanese National Founding Day. When is that and what do we do?
interview: Special Japanese interview from my student. Ask Canadian in Japanese!

June 24th - huge pop stars, Southern All Stars and Yumi Matsutoya
culture: Japanese calligraphy, shodo

June 17th - Special guests from contemporary dance theatre piece "KESSA"
guests: Hiromoto Ida; performance artist, John Tucker; music composer, producer and teacher

June 10th - Japanese Summer Music Festivals
culture: Story Teling : Tsuru no Ongaeshi, Japanese theatre performance

June 3rd - Japanese pop siner, Minako Honda
culture: Story Teling : Hanasaka Jisan, Japanese hair colour & fashion

May 27th - Relations between African and Japanese drums
interviews: Mamoudou Conde; Founding Director of Amazones, Nathalie Roy; Tour Manager of Amazones, Peter Schramm; Film Maker, Event Organizer in Nelson

May 20th - Housing situation in Japan
culture: Japanese traditional poetry Tanka

May 13th - Japanese hip hop artist
interview: Renee Liska
culture: Japanese adorable dogs

May 6th - Japanese instrument and traditional poem
culture: Japanese traditional poetry Haiku

April 29th - College Japanese Grad students
guests: Selkirk College Japanese grads
culture: Japanese school system

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