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Season 2, 2008
Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Theme Song : Haikara Hakuchi by Happy End

April 22nd - Music producer in Toronto & Japanese photographer
interview: Music producer Craig Skala in Toronto and photographer Yuichi Takasaka in Lumby, BC
guests: Srihari Sridhar and Thiegn Bradley

April 15th - Girls unit The Naked News
guests: Felicia Harding & Jaime Hall
culture: Japanese 'Dou'

April 8th - Selkirk College Music students showcases & recitals III
interview: Alexina Davis, Sam King, Terence Mezon and Ariana Bliek from music program

April 1st - Selkirk College Music students showcases & recitals II
interview: Srihari Sridhar, keyboardist/composer from India

March 25th - Selkirk College Music students showcases & recitals I
guests: Curt & Yuriko Kutschera from Castlegar, Jon Sims from music program
culture: Ohanami event in Japan

March 18th - Selkirk College grads & alumni!
guests: Renee Liska, singer-songwriter and Allen Leclerk 'Bad Alice French' from Arthur Funkarelli

March 11th - The Japan Gold Disc Awards
culture: contemporary Japanese films

March 4th - Songs for Spring
guest: Mandy Ebel, local singer-songwriter, studying music at Selkirk College in Nelson
culture: Working Holiday Program in Japan

February 26th - Japanese film music
guest: Jimmy Sawada, local Japanese-Canadian in Nelson since 1952
culture: Japanese film

February 19th - Something about moon
culture: Haiku

February 12nd - Japanese Valentine's Day!
guest: David Edgington, local actor in Nelson
culture: Valentine's day in Japan

February 5th - Japanese winter songs
guest: Lee Maddix, taking Japanese martial art Aikido at Kootenay Aikido Kenkyukai in Nelson
storytelling: 'Rashomon' by Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

January 29th - Local artist from Japan
culture: Setsubun 'the parting of the seasons' on February 3rd

January 22th - Japanese Ska and Jazz
guest: Gilles Parenteau, a great organ player, arranger, composer and keyboard teacher
storytelling: Momotaro 'The Peach Boy', a popular hero from Japanese folklore

January 15th - Japanese vocal groups
guest: Jane Hicks, broadcaster

January 8th - Best hit songs from 2007!

guest: Yoshikatsu Shirotani, owner of Kurama Sushi

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