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Season 1, 2007
Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Theme Song: Change by Monkey Majik + Yoshida Brothers

December 18th - Selkirk College Musicians!
guests: Selkirk College students

December 11th - Red and White Singing Contest
guests: Catherine Fisher
culture: New years in Japan

December 4th - Japanese Christmas songs
guests: Christpher Filleul and Eri Suzuki
culture: Christmas in Japan

November 27th - Musical project 'Ze', from Calgary
guest: Zoé Creighton, music director in Kootenay Coop Radio, lived in Japan for a year

November 20th - Kusuo, Reggae singer/songwriter
guest: Eric and Maria Burton, hosting international students for 13 years
culture: History of Nagasaki prefecture and relationship between Japan and Portugal

November 13th - Mizue Tsuneoka, singer/songwriter/arranger
guest: Christopher Juri, worked in Tokyo for 10 years
culture: Japanese language

November 6th - Girl pop duo Puffy AmiYumi
guest: Lucas Trottier, Karate Martial Artist from Duncan
culture: Japanese mentality and manner

October 30th - Japanese female singers
interviewee: Selkirk College Comtenporary Music & Technology Program teachers & students
culture: Japanese Halloween and ghost legend

October 23rd - Japanese Pop & Rock Artists
guest: Gord McAdams, Nelson city councilor
culture: Japanese Food - Sushi is not the only food in Japan!

October 16th - Japanese R&B soul singers
interviewee: Kootenay Kids, Hall street market venders and people
culture: Onsen - Japanese hot spring culture

October 9th - Independent Singer/Songwriter Hillone
guest: John Deeley, Japanese-English translator
culture: Bushido - The Soul of Japan II

October 2nd - Women Singer/Songwriters
guest: Lucas Trottier, Karate Martial Artist from Duncan
culture: Bushido - The Soul of Japan I

September 25th - Folk Rock Artist Happy End
guest: Ashley Webster from US
interviewee: Hiromoto Ida, Japanese performance artist in Nelson

September 18th - Japanese Punk Rock
guests: Takako Tsumura and Wayne Nash
culture: Sister cities in Kootenay between Japan

September 11th - Pop Rock Artist Spitz
guests: Gary Ramsbottom and Sally Szeberenyi from England
culture: Japanese local characteristics

September 4th - Canadian artist in Japan
guests: Kumi Sakai from Japan and Sarah from New Zealand
culture: Japanese three strings instruments

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