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Japanese Musiquest is broadcasted on CJLY, the Kootenay Coop Radio in Nelson BC, and also is syndicated on several stations across Canada. Operating since September 2007, Japanese Musiquest exposes its listeners to Japanese culture, as the host plays a wide variety, of music native to Japan and discusses topics and issues that are prevalent in Japan with guests. To help listeners get more familiar to Japan, the show also introduces useful Japanese phrases.

Before Japanese Musiquest began, there was no Japanese radio show in Kootenay area. Since this area is a very historical place to Japanese internment camps during the Second World War, the programmer desired to present authentic Japanese culture to listeners to enrich their understanding about Japan. The programmer believed that the music and language are the best ways to get to know the different culture. As she fell in love with North America through those ways, she hopes listeners are more interested in Japan.

Now the show is getting syndicated with other community radio stations. To broaden the show, many people will be able to savor the joy of discovering Japan. The programmer strongly hopes the show will be a cultural bridge between the countries.


Singer/Songwriter/Radio host Yukiko Tsutsui brings nice Japanese accent and fun talk for Canada!

Yukiko is born in Akita city, placed in the northwest in Japan. After she graduated English major in college, she worked in Tokyo as a wedding singer. She moved to Canada in February 2005 and traveled across the country for 6 months. She volunteered for various festivals such as Pride Toronto, Ottawa Blues Festival and Kaslo Jazz Festival.

She graduated Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology program in April 2008 in Nelson. From the musician's perspective, she picks up variety of Japanese tunes. Yukiko believes music and language are perfect tools to know the culture. Please check out her official website for more details.

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